Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am a Brave Girl

My friend Jill forwarded me a few emails from The Brave Girls Club when I was questioning my abilities as a teacher. I was having a rough couple of weeks and these emails managed to perk me up. I finally subscribed to their mailing list and now I get these daily affirmations in my inbox. They don't come at a set time each day. It seems that they come when I really need them. Could be in the morning on my walk into the school building. Could be right before I'm going to teach one of the classes I'm having trouble with. Could be when I mentally berating myself for overindulging in holiday decadence. They seem to just appear when I'm thinking bad thoughts.

We were discussing what to do with these affirmations on The Scrapping Spot message board. Lots of ideas thrown about. I decided to use the ATC spinner that's been collecting dust for the last year and a half after I petered out on the Scripture challenge.

Today's email really hit home and so apropos to the coming new year and making resolutions.

Dear Determined Girl,
As the year wraps up, say goodbye to regrets, what-if's and should haves.....

Focus on victories, blessings and small steps toward progress....

AND THEN focus on the fabulousness that is ahead for you. Make realistic goals...see yourself as the incredible, full-of-potential woman that you are....and GO FOR IT!

BE BRAVE!!! and have a WONDERFUL last week of 2009!

Here's to making realistic goals and being brave!

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