Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's been a busy few weeks...

I'm almost caught up with my December Daily album. I just to print out a few pictures (after I change the ink cartridges) to get up to date. The last two weeks have been busy!

We had our first annual family Mass for our deceased relatives and dinner on December 18. These pictures are not the greatest, but still evoke wonderful memories.



Yes, I'm related to ALL those people and I know all of them by name! That's not even everyone in the neighborhood!

On December 21st, I celebrated the 15th anniversary of my 21st birthday! I went to dinner at Benii's with Anita, Bella, April, Christine, Clarice and Therese. Then we went to Ralphy's for drinks. Stella, Debbie and Jim joined us later.


Then Christmas came! The gifts weren't plentiful but still appreciated so much so that Allie wore the dress I got her to Mass this morning. I guess she really liked it! And for Allie, that's saying A LOT because she and I share a love/hate relationship with girly things. I bought this dress for Toria and this dress for Allie.

Last night I had dinner with Kristin, Lois and Annaliza. I didn't know we were celebrating MY birthday! Nice surprise!! We had dinner at Katsu also known as Green Door (the door to the restaurant is GREEN) and then sat in the lobby of Outrigger with coffee from the Honolulu Coffee Co.


Only a week left of vacation. I get to go back to work to a yucky classroom. Sigh........

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diana albright said...

wow V... i just realized that i left Guam almost 10 years ago. so i recognize (almost) all of the manamko (LOL) and only 4 or 5 of the younger ones. pretty sure i'm related to all of those people, too, eh? wow!

glad you had a nice birthday. enjoy the rest of vacation! love you!