Thursday, May 27, 2010

180 days have passed...

It's hard to believe that 180 days have passed. 180 days of teaching, learning, molding, growing. I've never cried on the last day of school...till today. It was all Alfred's fault. He said, "Mom, I know I made you mad and you get mad at me, but I'm still going to miss you." I had tears running down my face as we hugged each other. Alfred is one of those kids who pull on your heart strings. The kid who needs just a little bit more attention than others. The kid who will never say he needs something, but is thankful when you figure out what he needs and give it to him. While on one hand teaching fifth grade is a little easier, on the other hand, there's a lot of drama, tween angst, and innocence all rolled into one. I'll miss them. And I'll wonder if the kids who called me "Mom" throughout the year, will still remember me when I see them somewhere around the island. If the kids who vowed every way to Sunday that they'll miss me will actually miss me. But, for now, the busy-ness of the month has been well worth every night of lost sleep, every headache, every cup of coffee. Even will all the stress behind the scenes, I had a great year. Now, I need some quiet time to get my emotions...and my heart...back to normal.

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