Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i don't do idle well

I have some time to contemplate before a store I want to go into opens. It's making me wish for my iPod touch, my DSi, my MacBook and and/or a combo of all. Even now I'm sitting with a caramella Kona frost from the Honolulu coffee co with my blackberry bold and I'm not content. I'm antsy with "nothing" to do. How desperate can I be since I'm blogging on the BB?!!?! I can't just watch TV. I need some other distraction. I can't have just one window open when I'm on the computer. I need at least 10 tabs. Listening to music? Gotta be playing bejeweled blitz or new super mario bros. Sigh. I think I have ADD. Oh, the stores are opening. Off to spend money! Wish me luck!

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