Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Currents

listening to Glee Season 2 songs

eating nothing at the moment

drinking Iced Green Tea brewed in the Keurig

wearing T-shirt, shorts and flip flops

feeling a little bittersweet

weather is hot and sunny

wanting a shiatsu massage

needing to find a good planner/appointment book

thinking about the new job I'm starting in a week

enjoying this precious time off

wondering what exactly I'll be doing with my new job

The last time I did a list of currents, I had just applied for a new job while still working my old one. Yesterday was my last day as a fifth grade teacher. And, while I have been looking forward to this day for two weeks, it was still bittersweet.

I love teaching. I love seeing children's faces light up with learning. But, it was stressing me out. Elevated blood pressure, sleepless nights, stomach aches, headaches, nightmares (yes, really), mood swings. It's a wonder that I'm still standing and not held together by super glue and staples.

So, yesterday...I cried the last hour of school and half-way to my next destination. Yesterday was a day of endings and beginnings. I met some of my new co-workers, whom up until yesterday couldn't so much as whisper my name out loud.

A door closed, but a window is wide open...and I'm climbing through it. Here's to blessings!


mborrero said...

the green tea brewed in the Keurig sounds great I like this idea list of currents


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lisa truesdell said...

here's to new beginnings!