Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy December!

Today marks the first day of December. Only 20 more days until my birthday and 24 until Christmas!

I met with my boss for a briefing on what I'm supposed to be doing at this new job. Do I know what I'm doing now? Not exactly. But, I have a clue. Overwhelmed would be an understatement here! I have my first work trip to look forward to in February and now I have an excuse to buy those faux Uggs from Nine West. I would be my luck that they sold out of my size! I also had a meeting at 1:30 that I found out about at...1:30! It was okay, though. I sat in on a meeting yesterday and so I had a bit of a clue of what was going on at this meeting. Afterwards, I researched public laws on the internet... uh yeah.

I came home to find my brand new stove in its place! It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but they brought the wrong color. I told the salesperson I wanted the one with the black top. I realize now that the black topped one was stainless steel. She should have known that the black one was actually stainless steel. I kept telling her, "I want the black one, not the white one. The black one." Even after she made up the invoice, I asked again if it was the black one. She said yes. I was pretty clear, yes? Do you think she got that I wanted the black one!?!?!? Oy vey. They wrote on the new invoice that I asked for stainless steel. Uh, NOOOOO...I asked for black. It's not MY fault that they didn't make it clear there were only two colors--white and stainless steel. Anyway, meltdown averted.

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