Thursday, December 02, 2010

Daily December 2

I'm seriously going to try to blog about December. That way, if I forget something I'll have it on my blog. I have not even begun to think about decorating the house for Christmas! The office is already being assistants rock!

My day started out in a frenzy. We had a conference call at 8am that I forgot about. Luckily, it's easy to drop into a conference call since the person on the other end doesn't know who came late! I did a lot more reading, some more research, more reading. Got info about the conference in February. Figured out how to do my time sheet (foreign to me). More reading. Lots of nose blowing...I need another box of tissue! I got my word ID and business cards. That sounds so grown up! I have business cards!

Came home just in time for dinner and a little visiting with Luke and Jake.

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