Saturday, December 04, 2010

Daily December 4

It was a busy day! Quick run to the bank and Kmart. And when I say quick, I mean that I didn't browse like I usually do. I got the three things that were on my list and that's it. That might be a good thing, but I forgot to check on a few things (they weren't on the list). Sigh. I was asked to read at a funeral Mass. That was all good and well, but little did I know that other people were asked as well and my being there was redundant. So, I went home and did laundry. Fun.

I had my first taste of weekend working today. I spent a few hours making tables for Monday's meeting. We're not again tomorrow afternoon. On the plus side, the extra hours we work during the weekends are hours I can take off during the week. Nice. I never got time off for doing stuff during the off-hours outside of the classroom.

After work, I went to my cousin Maria's house. She had invited some of her friends from work for dinner and dessert. I "made" sprite and a bag of ice. Hahaha There was more than enough food so I didn't feel bad. Plus, everyone knew I just came from work. I got a couple of pictures of the food...missed the dessert completely since it was on the other side of the room.

You can see the baked brie that Kebrina brought...yum! The salsa and pico de gallo are missing from the bowls. There was another plate of cheese and crackers, a pan of baked sushi, the mini quiches, chips and salsa and shrimp kelaguen (picture below), which deserved to shine on its own. Any Chamorro worth his or her salt knows how important the shrimp kelaguen is. I could have eaten the entire bowl!

So, what's in this bowl of ambrosia?!?!? Shrimp, lemon juice, hot peppers, green onions and coconut. I have some stashed in the fridge. Midnight snack?!?!

I've debated some on whether or not to include this next part into the DD album. Facebook really does have its merits. But, oh, what a way to find out about the death of a friend.

Photo credit: Fr. John Whitney, S.J., Search Retreat

Fr. Roger Gillis was one wonderful man. While I never took a class from him at Seattle University, I still consider him to a great professor. You see, instead of teaching me the finer points of Fine Arts, he taught me about life and living. He was instrumental in my involvement in Campus Ministry. I met him through the Search retreats sponsored by CM. It was to my great benefit that I went on my first Search Fall quarter of my freshman year. It gave me that much more time to spend with Uncle Rog. In many ways, I equate my growth in spirituality to Search and in turn to Uncle Rog. It was only recently, through Facebook, that I learned of Uncle Rog being sick with cancer. Then, today of all days, I learn of his passing.

He was truly an inspiration to all. I am blessed to have had him in my life. I know he's dancing in heaven as I write this. I also know he's looking out for me. Dance on, Uncle Rog! I'll miss you!

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