Thursday, February 10, 2011

T minus 7 hours

In about 7 hours or so, I will be on a plane eastbound. It is my first work trip. I have packed and re-packed countless times--taken out things, put other things in, taken out something else and replaced what I originally took out. Right now, I'm waffling on bringing my DSLR vs. the little point and shoot. The thing is, I hate my point and shoot cam. Plus, I am bringing my work computer and what amounts to almost a ream of paper (documents I my boss asked me to bring). Sigh... I have five hours to decide about the camera and just about all that time to pray that my checked baggage comes in under 50 pounds.

It was never this hard packing for a vacation. It doesn't help matters that my clothing consists of bulky sweaters, pants, socks, two pairs of winter-ish shoes, my running shoes plus my heavy lined coat. I would just bring one pair of shoes, but I really truly hate walking around with wet feet...and I'll probably become catatonic with wet feet, soggy socks and squishy shoes.

I'll be sharing a room with my boss who really seems to operate on little sleep. That will be an experience in itself.

Definitely a new experience for me... I hope I don't turn into an ice cube! It's been a while since I've been through winter.........


Debbie said...

take teh camera and have a great trip !~

lisa truesdell said...

i hope your trip goes smoothly!! take the big cam! i always regret it when i don't.

ArlaMo said...

Take the camera!
Just peeking below and I love the layouts from your 1/30 post!