Monday, February 21, 2011

back on the rock

It was a whirlwind trip. I swear the jet lag left me right when I was about ready to leave. I ended up not taking the DSLR with me...and good thing because it would not have seen the light of day. I saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial from the cab on the way into and out of the city and the White House on our way to dinner one night. There was no time to play tourist!

I did get to see my friend John. We had dinner twice while I was there. It was so good seeing him! It's been nine years since we last saw each other. I have a feeling I'll be back in the nation's capitol again before the year is out so I'll definitely get to see him again!

I brought my heavy lined trench coat and wore it TWICE! What a waste of suitcase space! It was not that cold for me. Besides, I was decked out in long sleeved layers and thick sweaters. It got progressively warmer as the week went on. On Thursday, it was 72 degrees. It was amazing!

It was definitely an experience sharing a room with my boss. We had adjoining rooms with the ladies from public health so it was like a slumber party every night. I think I lucked out in the work department this trip. I was forewarned that my boss works ALL the time, even on trips. She was sick the first few days so I got off easy. Whew! She made sure I ate and got coffee, shopped for the million nieces and nephews, called my mom a few times and slept enough.

It was even more of an experience sharing the room on the last night with the big boss as well. She insisted we go wherever I wanted for dinner my last night there. That was awesome! She even pretended to be my aunt when calling the airlines to see if my waitlisted seats for first class were confirmed. Ulterior motive there...the two bosses had some baggage they wanted me to bring back. It was all good, though.

My body seems to think it's still on eastern time. I was dragging all day. I'll be like this all week, I suspect. Good thing the bosses are still in Atlanta. The frenzied pace we call work won't re-commence till next week.


Tonya said...

Sounds like a fun work trip!

Denise said...

I agree with Tonya. It sounds like a great trip and you can't beat 72 degree weather!