Sunday, January 27, 2013

Font frenzy

I downloaded iFont Maker on my iPad today. I first heard about it through Elsie Larsen and Amy Tan. I dowloaded their fonts and forgot all about it. But, I was looking for something in the App Store and stumble across the iFont Maker app. I downloaded it. In the span of an hour, I have created 4 fonts and have 1 in progress. I've become a font creator monster! :) Here are two three fonts for your downloading pleasure...

Vera's Print and Vera's Skinny Print  and Vera's outline font.

Download if you want. If you use it, give credit where credit is due.

In other creative news, I made a card this weekend using the Studio Calico Block Party card kit. I haven't decided whether or not to publish it here on my blog because I'm contemplating this and not quite sure if I can submit if I do put it on the blogosphere. I chose OPEN as my word of the year and trying new things is one of my goals towards being more open. We'll see...I shall ponder a little more.

Have a great week!

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