Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend in Review

Two short days...
How much can you do?

Saturday---FUN, FUN, FUN morning (dripping with sarcasm) running errands...
  • Post Office
  • bank to pay those blasted bills
  • kmart for toilet tissue (it was the only thing on my list for that store yet I walked out with $86+ worth of stuff)
  • Cost-U-Less (Guam's version of Costco with no membership fees) for food
Best part of the morning was stopping for an iced caramel macchiato at Hava Java Cafe and making Estelita work extra hard to make it then laughing when another customer walks in and says he wants something different (must be something in the air).

Made a layout for my scrapbook (see yesterday's post) while waiting for Lucas's birthday cake to cool.

Went to Mass and then dinner at Pacific Lighthouse with Mom,
Auntie Patty and Uncle Lloyd. Mr. Kim already knows that Mom and Uncle Lloyd always get #2 (fried shrimp) and I get #3 (fresh sashimi with vegetables over rice). Auntie Patty always changes what she wants!

Came home and did 2 layouts for another scrapbook, but won't say for whom (it's a surprise).

Finally fell asleep after 1:00 am!

Sunday---technically I fell asleep on Sunday at 1:00 am.

Up at 7:30 am to make the red rice for Lucas's birthday/Jacob's christening and hoping that 10 cups of rice for 20 people was enough because I didn't have a bigger pot.

Coffee stop for another iced caramel macchiato (finally found a place on this rock that can make it comparable to Starbucks).

Church to play photographer for Jacob's baptism.

Lunch at Auntie Marie and Uncle John's for Lucas and Jacob. We sang happy birthday and not a camera in sight to take pictures!

Home for a nap. The ice cream gave me a stomach ache...good sign or bad sign, I haven't yet decided.

Had cereal for dinner...standard Sunday night fare for me.

Made another layout after a nice, long shower. I got this paper in a scrapbooking kit and didn't know I had it (it was hiding under the girly papers). Thought it would work well with these pictures I took in Minnesota when Mom, Auntie Marie, and I were there for a week in July. Jasmine's grown so much since I last saw her in 2002. She can read, can talk a mile a minute, and I became her new best friend (or so it seemed). We met Alison for the first time in real life (pictures are so flat and lifeless). She just turned 2 in August. Had a blast with Jessica chauffeuring us from store to store to museum to store get the idea. Remembering why it's important to have an empty bladder when you hang around Auntie Tina and Uncle Jimmy long enough. Driving Jessica crazy (I'm sure I did) looking for a pack of zig pens (PENS! for goodness sake) and finally finding them at the Archiver's in the mall of America (too predictable since they have everything under the sun at that mall).

Did I say this weekend was 2 short days? I did all this stuff and some of the more mundane tasks I won't write about here. I'm ready for bed! Gotta be bright and alert to don my robot gear...I mean to teach my wonderful, fun and lovable class of second graders!

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