Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friday's stuff

Hard at work...Fridays mean making sure all the paper work for the week is completely filled out and ready to turn in at 2pm.
The temporary classroom. Looks like a "ghost town" when no one but me is there. Kids were at the library. 30 minutes of quiet time.......bliss in the middle of the morning.
What do you cook for dinner when you're tired and cranky and there's really nothing that you want to eat in the refrigerator? I had a craving for pizza...already had a ready made crust (some healthy thing with spelt) and we always have cheese and marinara. No pepperoni, though. Time to get creative...deli chicken slices, stuffed green olives sliced up, roasted red peppers from the jar. Twenty minutes in the oven and dinner was ready.

Friday is laundry day for me. All the work clothes for the week flapping in the wind...when it blows.

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