Monday, September 20, 2010


Home today. Took off work to take Auntie Margaret to her endoscopy. They had to put her under general anesthesia and needed a driver. Good enough excuse for me to miss one day of work. I planned ahead and left my lesson plans. Hope my sub isn't certifiable by the end of the day.

I saw a layout on Stephanie Wheeler's blog a while ago and thought it was a great idea to make a list of things currently happening in my life... and since I'm off work today with some time on my hands, I thought I'd take a stab at it.

listening: to Glee from Season 1

eating: Wendy's BLT Cobb Salad

drinking: Diet Coke

wearing: T-shirt, capris and sandals

feeling: relaxed

weather: hot and sunny

wanting: my Kindle to be here already

needing: some courage

thinking: about the near future (and pondering about some decisions that I have to make)

enjoying: reading on Kindle for Mac in excited anticipation for the actual Kindle!

wondering: how soon I'll find out about something (mum's the word for now...and no I'm not pregnant...for sure.)

That was fun! Gonna have to do it again soon. Leaving in a bit to go to JB's 3rd birthday party at his day care. He's three... oh my!

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