Thursday, January 20, 2011

thoughtful thursday

today's weather really made me long for my bed, comforter AND hand-tied fleece throw. it rained buckets intermittently all day. oddly, it would stop when i'd have to get out of my car to walk into the office. hmmm.... but, the rain must have been the reason why several people missed this afternoon's meeting. sigh... one day i'll get the hang of this meeting thing (let's hope it's sooner rather than later).

i got to pick up the boy named johnny (only *I* get to call him that). the best part? seeing an old friend as she picked up her son from the same class! maybe that wasn't the best part. maybe hearing that johnny told my friend her son liked to talk in class. no, that wasn't the best part. Seeing the big smile on johnny's face as he saw me was the best part. non-stop talk all the way home. he's one of those kids who asks questions and expects answers. maybe they're all like that...hmmmm....

just as we were rounding the bend up the road to my house, we have this conversation:

j: nini, did you give lucas back his car?

me: what car?

j: his race car.

me: the one i took away?

j:yeah. the racing car.

me: i gave that to him the last time you were here, remember?

j: oh yeah. he was naughty. that's why you took it away.

oh my.

the race car disaster happened weeks ago...december 30th, to be exact. and this little three-year-old has the memory of a computer. i call it a disaster since it resulted in a massively long tantrum that took quite a lot of people to diffuse. if the boys learned a lesson from that fiasco, it was to NEVER EVER play with your toys while one of the old ladies starts praying. even *I* know better than to try to escape when said praying occurs.

i had a point here... oh yeah... more like a note to self: tell johnny only the things i want him to remember and forget promising him something... he'll always remember.

on another note, i finally got the results of my latest blood draw...hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are back to normal. no more blasted iron pills. {let's party!}

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juls2000 said...

Heehee- kids!! Yay on the bloodwork!