Sunday, April 03, 2011

making memories

a picture of a pair of bowling shoes. what's wrong with this picture?? it definitely isn't something you'd see on my feet very often.

there's a story...

last night uncle lloyd, auntie patty, my mom and i took three of mark's five kids to dinner. on the way home, we were discussing possible places to have brunch today. the occasion? celebrating allie's 16th birthday. her birthday is actually tomorrow, but making plans with everyone's schedule in mind on a weekday isn't so easy.

allie didn't want to call and make reservations so i told her to find the number on my blackberry and dial. allie is one of those kids who won't go into the store by herself or ask a stranger something. forget about making a phone call to make reservations. the car was so quiet, you could have probably heard a pin drop when they heard the phone ringing through the speakers in the car. it was their first time riding in the new wheels.

fast forward to today.

the owner of those legs shall remain nameless, but trust me when i say they aren't my legs!

our buffet brunch came with a free game of bowling. at first, only 8 of the 11 of us were going to bowl. we ended up with 9 out of 11. even 3-year-old lucian got into the game! he had the doohickey thing for rolling the ball off...i don't know what it's called...until someone else took it a few lanes down. he got a kick out of rolling the ball down the lane.

we laughed like we have never laughed and had so much fun!! uncle lloyd, auntie patty and auntie binkie were the most hilarious! i won't post those pictures, but we definitely made some new memories today.

bowling with my family isn't something that i ever thought would happen, especially the older folks. i know the kids were happy that the older folks participated...i know i missed some shots because we were laughing so hard.

it is amazing how quiet, unassuming allie got everyone so excited about hitting a bunch of pins with a ball.

happy 16th birthday, allie boo! my little peter pan is growing up!


Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Happy Birthday to Allie xxx

JenniferSanborn said...

Bowling is fun! :) Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

jamie long said...

great bday party idea.