Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life Year 38 | Weeks 7-10

Another epic Project Life Year 38 post. I had intended on posting weeks 7 and 8 last weekend, but I wasn't home long enough to get pictures taken and uploaded. The late nights and busy days started on Wednesday and ended on Sunday night. Five days of getting home late (or not at all as was the case on Thursday). I spent the beginning of this week feeling a little hung over...and I wasn't even drunk!

Week 7...

A successful parent training in one of the southern communities. Evan's 1st birthday and meeting my god sisters for the first time. Setting the calendar from February through August at work. Used my silhouette cameo to cut "Celebrate Life", "Celebrate this" and the circles cutout.

An Erica Hernandez freebie file for the February calendar. Ali Edwards digi brushes and stamps.

Week 8...
Dinner and dessert with Anita. Made diaper tryke #1 for Tam's baby shower later in the week. My to do list. Ali Edwards digi brushes and stamps, Studio Calico Number border stamp.

My washi tape order (10 rolls!). My first visit to Spinn N Play. A pictureless Thursday. The BEST donuts around. Silhouette cameo cutout.

Week 9...

Grocery shopping and dinner with Friends on a Saturday. Lazy Sunday and my view on the way to KFC.

Weights at the gym...being a wuss. Valentine's day and my Studio Calico February kit. Driving home from work close to 8:00pm...more than 12 hours after I left home in the morning. The night that never ended...and a day that began with new life. Happy Birthday, Aiden Seth! Auntie Vera LOVES you! His birth story isn't something I want to share with the world since it's not my story to tell so it's inside the birth stats folder (cut that with my silhouette). Printables from here and here. I used a sketch pen with my silhouette to write the birth stats.

Week 10...
Academy songfest. Parish picnic. Dinner at Teena's. Apple turnovers from Napoleon's Bakery in Honolulu. Printables from here, here and here. I realized after I took the picture that I forgot the date range card. Will put that in later.

A self portrait of me for the month. Three of my co-workers decided to be funny and block my car in. A shocking front page (for our family at least). Diaper tryke #2 for Aiden Seth! I used my February Studio Calico kit as well as the Project Life "Epic" and "Awesome" that they had and sold out of in record time. Also used a few Amy Tangerine stickers, an old Jillibean Soup arrow, a silhouette cameo cut out and Studio Calico Bull's eye stamp from January.


Erica said...

Fun pages! I love checking out the PL pages on the internet!

Susan C. said...

Those are so much fun! Bravo to you for doing this!