Saturday, January 24, 2009

finishing up that kit!

I first brought you the details of using up a kit in this post, which was preceded by the first LO in this post. Along came the challenge at THE BASB and this layout. Fast forward to today and I bring you the following:


It goes with G's Grey challenge at Studio Calico. I'm having trouble uploading there. I think my file is too big... I actually used packaging from the chatterbox felt sticky things as a piece of "paper".

Then I made these cards. Or was it one card then the LO then another card? I forgot already and it was just this morning.

Completely generic, but ready at a moment's notice for some occasion.

Birthday card ready for someone... I know I have a birthday on my calendar some time soon.

This kit is not quite done...still have some parts leftover, but *I* am finished with it...for now. Love that black sheet of paper for something...what it is, I have no idea. Yet.


Someone in the neighborhood is burning...have to go "investigate" if anyone called the fire department. Guess I won't be washing and hanging my bedding today. Bummer.


Denise said...

You rocked g's grey challenge. I absolutely love all your layering of pp. Perfect!

moonlightgrrl said...

ohhhh, i love that pic of your mom! loves to the fam!

bAbYbEcKy said...

I LOVE what you have left of that kit, I'm going to have to find out who made it. LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards!!